Garden Lighting

Lighting is increasingly popular in the Re-design my garden wish-list

The availability of cheap to run LED’s and low voltage systems has made it more cost effective and less problematic, as well as less impactful to the environment.

The feedback we get from clients we have installed lighting schemes for is overwhelmingly positive. My favourite quote is “It’s like I have twice as much garden” – this referred to the fact that their garden felt twice as available and enticing to be used and enjoyed.

Lighting can play many roles but mostly it’s about:

A) Safety – being able to see the paths and steps.

B) Having a bit of wow outside your windows in the evening instead of a wall of darkness.

C) Tempting you outside to enjoy a nice evening – even if you have to take a blanket.

Generally we install systems that are easy to switch on (or automatic) and light up steps, paths, feature trees and shrubs, sculptures or features and over the BBQ or kitchen area. If you want to know how much to budget for this have a look at our rough pricing guide here.

Fence panel lighting

What Does Good Garden Lighting Cost?

The choice in outdoor lighting is huge as is the variation in pricing. Good quality metal fittings can cost £100 to £300 each, clever bespoke or designer versions are way more than that, but then again you can buy some plastic ones at a DIY store for £20.

It comes down to build quality, reliability and how important the look of the fittings are. As a general rule of thumb we say allow £ 150 to £250 per fitting installed and then a switching system, which could be simple or very clever depending on your preference.

We recommend a simple but convenient system, unless you are a gadget fan and want it all on your smart phone or voice activated.