Our Promise

We consider it our responsibility to give you a garden that you love and can enjoy for many years and to do that with the least inconvenience and stress to you.

We aim to do a great job of every project, it’s the reason we are probably not the cheapest quote you can get.

We will do our best to deliver your project, large or small in the time we agreed and to the best standard we can. We are constantly researching best industry practices and new techniques to add to our established skills.

Problems are rare and over the last 2 decades we have worked hard to make sure these don’t occur but occasionally not everything about a project goes perfectly, that’s inevitable given the variables but we do everything we can to resolve any issues.

If it’s our workmanship or installation that’s the issue, within 6 years of completion, of course we will put it right. If it’s a product we supplied that’s the issue we will contact the manufacturer and chase them for a resolution. If it’s a product you have supplied then we will still help where we can in negotiating with your supplier to get the problem fixed.

Modern water feature
Large garden with patio, shaded seating, lawn and steps

To give our customers peace of mind we have membership to the APL, the Association of Professional Landscapers. The APL is an independent body that governs its members, we have rigorous yearly checks to make sure our quality and performance is up to scratch, also that we have all the relevant health and safety, insurance and employment practice in effect. To find out more about the APL click here.

There are some conditions and points to note:

  • Weather is beyond our control, we have to work with it and that can affect timing and how clean we can keep a site.
  • We use a recommended Pointing or grout for your paving but it doesn’t last forever and a small amount comes loose every now and then, usually in winter during the frosts. This needs to be replaced to protect the rest of the paving from issues ( such as weeds ) this along with regular cleaning is part of the maintenance of your surface.
  • Decking (timber) also need maintenance, as do painted or rendered surfaces.

If you have any questions, ask us for a maintenance schedule at the end of your project.

As a team we agree to:

Be Positive

In our actions and attitude with our work, our customers and everyone we work with. We should enjoy our work an take satisfaction in it.

Take Responsibility

We will own our mistakes and improve from them. We will “leave it better than we found it” – tidy up, put it away, clean it, fix it.
Turn up on time, ready to work.

Be Honest and Trustworthy

We will do what we have agreed when we said we will.

Be Conscientious

Our work will be the best it can be, we will look after the interests of the company and our customers.

Be Dynamic

We will work individually and as a team to achieve our goals in an enthusiastic, resourceful and professional manner.

Communicate Effectively

We will make sure we communicate effectively with other team members, managers, customers and suppliers.

We make sure everyone who needs the facts has them so that:

– Everyone has the information to deliver good work to great standards
– Customers and team members know they are included and important.
– We all know what is expected, why and when

Constant Improvement

There are always small ways to improve our self, service, and product.