Soft Landscaping

Whilst timber, stone and paving define areas and give structure, Soft Landscaping is what brings a garden to life – the grasses, plants, shrubs and trees.

Sweeping lawns, wild flower meadows, deep rich borders full of texture and colour – all this life and habitat is so important in helping us feel connected to nature on a daily basis. It’s a basic human requirement and makes us feel happier and healthier – this is fact.

The soft landscaping of a garden is what really brings it together. Being among that ever changing living and breathing tapestry right outside your door can make it an endless source of interest and joy (and yes ok a bit of pruning / tiding – but joyful pruning).

Getting the right plants, shrubs and trees for your space is a daunting task – soil condition and type, aspect and position all play a part in the choices. Most people want a theme with year round interest and ease of maintenance.

Fortunately, we have worked this area for several decades and know what works and what doesn’t on this ground. Whether you are on chalk, sand or good old Essex clay, the ground can be prepared and planted to make the most of it.