What does good landscaping cost?

For most of us renovating a garden isn’t a frequent occurrence, so most people are not sure what it is going to cost. Setting a budget is tricky if you don’t know how much is realistic and let’s face it, we all want to get as much as we can for our money.

The Royal Horticultural society, the society of Garden designers and other consumer groups agree that in general it is worth spending around 10% of the house value on the garden. Estate agent research has shown that a well-designed and kept garden can add as much as 20% to the value of your property.

Unfortunately, you can’t look at gardens online, fill in a few boxes and get a price in 15 minutes – and that’s because every garden is different and unique, from its shape and levels to the aspect, soil and view . THERE IS NO “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”.

This is a rough guide to the sort of prices people pay to get a well built and well thought out garden that will be place of joy for many years. The intention is to help you understand what you might expect, but it’s not a catalogue – we can’t sell you one just like that over the phone – and we wouldn’t want to, it wouldn’t work. Every garden is unique to you and how you will use it.

These prices are to help you make decisions about what you want, how important the various decisions in designing your new garden are to you and how to tune the design to fit your budget, lifestyle and tastes.

Pricing FAQs

The answer is there is no such thing as a typical garden; they are as individual as the people that own them. Published research shows that complete gardens rebuilds cost between £30 and £250 per square metre which really isn’t very helpful !

The best approach is to start with an overall budget in mind, this helps decide the materials you use and the complexity of the design. Budget is always a tricky subject, most people don’t go through this process very often and we all want best value, but it’s definitely the case that you get what you pay for – any shortcuts are a compromise in quality and in a garden that means how long it lasts!

Here’s a list of things that may push the price up;

  • Retaining walls and big level changes.
  • Bespoke items of furniture and features.
  • Intricate patterns.
  • Ponds and water features.
  • Really big areas of paving / decking.
  • Very poor soil conditions.

This question is often asked at the early stage of design and quoting and usually followed at about ¾ the way through a build with – “wow I did not realise how much work and material is involved”.

Mostly what costs the money is that we need to build the structure of your new garden before we put a finish on it and the finish has to endure extremes of temperature and months of wet and then drought.

Let us consider patios for instance. If you have a tiled floor done in your kitchen there’s a lot of prep and making good, but there’s already some sort of floor to tile onto, walls to butt up to and levels are decided.

A patio, by contrast, has to have a sub base installed which means removing whatever is there first, and working out where the water will go when it rains, where the drains run and if they are working ok. The subbase aggregate (we use crushed granite) needs compacting to a depth that won’t move around and cause issues. The patio finish, usually a paving slab or porcelain tile, needs to be set on bedding that will fully support it and stick it fast. Then it needs neatly grouting and finally cleaning.

That’s all heavy and precise work if you do it properly, and if the levels need adjusting you may need a retaining wall.

Most people are happy to pay to have good quality as long as what they are buying is important to them. Some bits however are just a necessity; level changes are usually done because the lay of the land demands it – retaining work is often a big price item – but levels, as well as being necessary, create interest and help increase usable area. A slope is probably cheaper but you do lose some space and increase maintenance!

Materials play a big part in the final budget, there is usually a trade off to consider – loose aggregate surfaces make for a cheap pathway or drive solution but does it have the look you want and will loose shingle get in the lawn or be more maintenance?

Traditional coutryard garden

Front Garden

£10,000 – £15,000

The front garden of this beautiful barn conversion didn’t do it justice and wasn’t inviting. We installed new pathways with clay pavers, new beds and a paved area in sandstone.

Small garden landscaped

Small Traditional Garden

£8,000 – £10,000

Even a modest size garden still has scope for interest and room to breathe. In the garden of this Debden cottage we worked with the existing patio but installed new steps, seating area, pergola, rockery, lawn and a raised bed. Plenty to enjoy and enough space for a busy couple to relax in.

New build firepit with gravel and lawn

Small Garden

£10,000 – £20,000

This new build garden was a pile of rubble and mud when we first looked at it. We built a bespoke fire pit in tumbled sandstone, stepstone paving, patio, new lawn and lighting. Pleached trees have been planted for privacy screening.

Small modern town house garden

Small Modern Garden

£20,000 – 25,000

This garden was a challenge as it faces north, slopes considerably and the house is 3 stories. Using the different levels to define different areas this layout made the most of the space and is a very low-maintenance space to entertain, cook and dine in. The paving is Porcelain, very tough and easy to clean.

Medium Country Garden

Medium Traditional Garden

£15,000 – £25,000

This garden was just a field – we added wild flower areas, a greenhouse, raised beds, pathways and a pergola seating area and a large pebbled water feature. The main lawn was bordered with drought tolerant planting.

Medium modern garden

Medium Modern Garden

£40,000 +

This elegant solution to the height difference gave the house an inviting access to the garden and a patio with that ‘Italian holiday’ feel.

The paving is honed and filled travertine, custom cut on site to the curves.

The fences have been clad in western red cedar. Careful lighting brings it to life at night.

Medium modern garden patio with retaining wall

Medium Modern Garden with Complex Levels

£35,000 – £45,000

This high spec garden transformation involved removing 150 tons of soil to provide the customer with a secluded patio and entertaining area. The upper part is grass terracing.

The retaining wall is clad in split slate cladding and incorporates a water feature with 3 blades dropping into a linear pool. The fences / walls have been clad in western red cedar.

The patio is cut and textured granite with a path of clay pavers, discreet stainless steel drainage takes care of the practical issues and the lighting makes this a great place to enjoy an evening drink and chat after work.


Country Garden


This very private garden in a popular village was just grass, we added pathways, a firepit, bespoke arches and pergolas and a water feature. Now a place of interest and great for entertaining. The trees add height and bring some welcome shade in summer.

TKE Traditional country garden

Traditional Country Garden


Hidden away in the heart of Saffron Walden this walled garden had gotten old and out of hand, refreshed but still in keeping with the house it features a long arched walkway, bespoke bench, reflective lily pond and extensive planting.

Large cottage garden patio

Large Cottage Garden


The client wanted us to design and build their forever garden. The front garden, 2 driveways and a large back garden now have a curvy cottage garden feel with lots of planting and space to entertain and room for the kids to play. With lighting throughout, a full irrigation system, tumbled natural stone terrace and paths, mature planting, established yew hedging and new trees up to 5 M tall – it instantly felt like an established garden.

Large traditional garden with angled beds

Large Traditional Garden


This large period house had an overgrown and neglected walled garden, this transformation included a paved terrace and dining area, pathways, pleached trees for privacy, flowerbeds edged in steel to keep the crisp edges, the new driveway has gravel grids to retain the shingle. The water bowls were bespoke and sit in the planting creating interest and a pleasant noise. Lots of good soil and compost went into giving the lawn and planting the best start.

A boulder rock retaining wall and sunken seating area

Large Garden with Complex Levels


This renovation of a steeply sloping garden involved moving huge amounts of soil to create a terrace by the house, with only 1.2M wide access we removed 300 tons of spoil. The retaining wall is gabion baskets filled with natural stone. The cantilever pergola is a galvanized steel framework – clad in cedar. Composite decking steps and upper deck are warm and practical, stainless-steel balustrades maintain safety without spoiling the view. Wildflower areas slope up to a play area with sunken trampoline and slide.

Large garden formal planting

Very Large Bespoke Garden


This beautifully eclectic garden is full of different rooms. Steel arches link – a courtyard with sun sails, bbq area, lounge seating and feature well; a driveway and garage entrance with grass areas, trees, instant mature hedging, a bespoke steel pergola over a dining area; a wild flower meadow with natural swimming pond and a greenhouse and vegetable growing area. Surrounded with hand built split oak fencing, old walls and mature trees it is a private oasis of calm and lovely to wander through at any time of day or year.

Outdoor Kitchen Cedar clad kitchen with bio climatic pergola

Outdoor Kitchen

£10,000 – £25,000

Cooking and eating outside – does it get any better?

Whether it’s a family get together, some friends over at the weekend or just a nice evening to forget about work and sit in the garden with that unmistakeable BBQ smell making everyones mouth water.

Outdoor cooking is a wonderful tradition and now there are more ways to grill, cook and fry than ever. Versatile pizza ovens, quick, easy to control and clean gas BBQ’s, smokers and kamado’s, traditional charcoal grills – the list goes on.

We love to incorporate these in a design – it’s a natural hub that we all gravitate to. Outdoor appliances have improved too – so a fridge that can cope with +40 degrees or -12 is easy to get and built in Gas BBQ’s are commonplace. What’s great is that no two outdoor kitchens we have built are the same.

Fence panel lighting

Garden Lighting

The choice in outdoor lighting is huge as is the variation in pricing, good quality metal fittings can cost £100 to £300 each, clever bespoke or designer versions are way more than that but then again you can buy some plastic ones at a DIY store for £20.