This is a guide to the typical prices we charge for Design work.

To understand whats involved in this please see our ” Garden design – what it means and how we do it” .

Tier 1.

A small simple garden or feature. Typically less than 120 m2

From £350 to £600

Tier 2.

A small garden with complex levels and bespoke features, Or a simple medium sized garden.

From £500 to £800

Tier 3.

A medium sized garden with complex levels and bespoke features, Or a simple large sized garden.

From £700 to £1200

Tier 4.

A large garden or medium sized garden that wraps around the house.

From £1200 upwards

Circular and curved flowerbeds with traditional planting

Questions we are often asked:

To find this, measure the length in metres and multiply by the width in metres, if you don’t have a tape measure that long but you have fence panels each one is usually just under 2 metres so count up the whole panels. If your garden is an odd shape don’t worry we will measure it when we do the consultation.

Every aspect of your garden design is bespoke to you and your garden. Lots of time is spent on modelling your house and garden to scale so that we can consider the best use of materials, shapes and area. No part of the design can be reused, it has to be complete before we are happy to present it.